Our Team

Our Team

Erin Founder and Executive Director of Nashville Strip Church.
Erin Stevens, after a 21-day fast in October 2012, felt God impress upon her heart to “Go feed the strippers.” So she did. She began taking home-cooked meals to a local strip club to build relationships with the dancers, bouncers, and management.

Several former dancers have chosen to leave the industry. Two of the former dancers have now joined the NSC team and return to the club every two weeks as we provide meals, bakery items, care packages, and door prizes.

Katie is on her way to the police academy. She will graduate from the academy around the same time she will graduate with her Associates Degree in Criminal Justice. The Metro Nashville Davidson County Police Force is holding a spot for her.

Lisa is working as a CNA at a Nashville hospital. She is enrolled in nursing school and looks forward to graduating as an RN in two years. She is expecting a baby in August. When Erin asked Lisa why she quit the club, she responded, “I finally left the club, because you never stopped coming.”

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